Volleyball is known as a sophisticated sport, played not only by men but also by many women and children. It is a ball sport in which two opposing teams compete on a field with a stretched net and posts in the middle. The goal of the game is to transfer the ball over the net into the opponent’s field in such a way that the opponent fails to keep it in the air and return it back over the net.

Volleyball posts are made of aluminum profile fi 100mm, and the post height is 2.50m. We offer volleyball posts with/or without tensioning mechanism. All posts can have two types of finish: anodized or plasticized according to the RAL color chart. The posts are manufactured according to the valid DIN EN 1271 standard.

Types of posts:

  • Aluminum posts with a tens mechanism
  • Aluminum posts without tens mechanism
  • Aluminum posts for portable volleyball

Posts for portable volleyball – competitive

Posts for volleyball – portable volleyball


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