Bioclimatic pergolas

You want to know the perfect combination of strenght and modern design – our bioclimatic pergola.

It is characterized by high-quality massive aluminum profiles, and it can be adapted to your needs. This bioclimatic pergola represents a cobination of design expertise and technological innovation in order to create your perfect environment in wich you will feel great at every moment of your stay.

The slats that are placed on biocimatic pergolas can be oriented in relation to the sun, wich enables light regulation, ventilation during the summer months, and the use of the sun’s heat in the winter.
We offer everyone the choice of manual or automatic opening and closing of the pergola, as well ad the aesthetic addition of LED lighting.

More light
The flexibility of the slats will allow you to bring more light and lees dangerous UV rays into your life.
Modern design
Your bioclimatic pergola, which is made of high-quality aluminium profiles, will blend info the environment and give your home a modern look.
According to your meadurements and design
You choose the type of pergola, the size and color of the perfola yourself. We adapt to all your wiches and various combinations are always possible to choose a pergola with a remote control motor or with manual pergola opening. Everything depends on your wishes.
Full protection
Enjoy your outdoor space regardless of the weather that awaits you outside. Innovative design and solid aluminum construction will provide you with protection from rain, snow, UV rays of the sun, and will weaken gusts of wind.