Solarni program

With great pleasure, we can boast of the solar program with wich the company has become a recognized manufacturer of structures for the assembly of solar photocoltaic power plants in Croatia, but also in the world. From the time it was launched on the market in early September 2012 until today, constructions from the solar program have been installed in many thousands of small and large power plants throughout Croatia, but we are slowly expanding throughout the world.

Solar solutions are adapted to accept the majority of commercially available photovoltaic modules in different versions of the roof surface. The flexibility of the solution enables optimal use of roof surfaces in all situations, refardless of the roof surface design. Our solutions enable customers to minimize the costs of building photovoltaic power plants and aium to achieve the set deadlines. Consulting services in the planning/design phase, as well as instructions related to the installation itself, are also included.

Some of the power plants in which we participated in the construction:

  • SE Ikea
  • SE Mon Perin, Bale
  • SE Čateks, Čakovec
  • SE Gumiimpex, Varažidin
  • SE Varkom, Varaždin
  • SE Bomark
  • SE Hermes