About us

The company Nika Konstrukcije d.o.o. has been present on the world market since 1986. The beginning of work is related to the production of metal furniture and shop equipment.

The company uses semi-finished products from extruded aluminium and high-quality steel for the basis for most products from the production plant, which is what the company is known for. We offer innovative constructive solutions for our main programs. The fact that we are present on all continents and have relevant quality certificates for all products speaks for the quality of our products.

From the beinning until today, the company has recorded growth in every segment: in the number of production programs, in the number of employees, and most importantly, we have recorded an ever-increasing growth of our satisfied customers.

Today we are developing 6 main programs:

  1. Sports program (equipment for sports halls and outdoor fields, futsal courts)
  2. Mobile stages
  3. Exhibition program
  4. Solar program (aluminum substructures for mounting solar panels)
  5. Aluminum fences
  6. Aluminium pergolas and canopies

Number and structure of employees – the company currently has more that 40 employees

Equipment and location of business place – production, warehouses and offices are located in their own business premises in Petrijanec

Our expert team always works with love for quality and innovation. We use every moment for our own company growth and we are always ready to adapt to changes in order to always be one step ahead. We are always open to new opportunities for growth and innovation – our greatest success is satisfied clients and long-term partnerships.

Nika Construction – Your partner for the future!

Part of our assortment

Sport equipment

Equipment for sports halls and outdoor fields, mini-football arenas.

Mobile stages

The program of aluminum stages is used for sports and cultural events, business conferences, social events outdoors or indoors.

Solar program

Aluminum substructures for mounting solar panels.

Aluminum fences

Aluminum fences offer a perfect combination of elegance, quality, safety, and an affordable price.

Aluminum canopies

Our aluminum canopies are intended for protection from the sun and a pleasant stay outdoors through the whole year.

Aluminum pergolas

You want to know the perfect combination of strength and modern design – our bioclimatic pergola.