Hana is charming low-energy single-roofed house with a trapezoidal sheet and functions as a three-room apartment with a garden.

A covered porch leads into a charming ground floor of 80m2, which can be compared in size to a larger apartment, but with the kind of freedom that family houses offer. Hana is a type of low-energy prefabricated house that can be easily place in any space, and due to its size, it is ideal as a family house that has everything you need.

Living area – kitchen, dining room and living room which are jointly connected and balanced with two bedrooms and a shared bathroom.

Fall in love with the Hana house and enjoy the covered terrace with your family in your free time.

Characteristics Hana
Floors: Ground floor
Dimensions: 11,90m x 10,15 m
Area (brutto): 80 m2
Price: 84.000,00€ + vat


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