Prefabricated houses

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of building prefabricated houses. The construction of aluminum prefabricated buildings is increasingly recognized as a permanent solution that ensures fast construction, adaptable construction, low costs of using the building and high living comfort.

The advantages of prefabricated houses made of aluminum construction are the corrosion resistance of aluminum, fast construction, good thermal insulation and aluminum as the most acceptable material.

Advantages of prefabricated houses

Prefab houses have numerous advantages compared to classic ones. Although the dominance of classic brick houses is still present, an increasing number of people are turning to the construction of prefabricated houses.

The prefabricated house is planned in advance, based on project and technical documentation. This form of construction is highly efficient and economical – with minimal maintenance costs for the building throughout its lifetime.

Fast construction

Due to the construction method, you can move into the prefabricated house shortly after the works are completed.

When talking about prefabricated construction, it implies assembling the building into ready-made elements that, depending on the type, are assembled on the construction site as a whole.

The construction time of a prefabricated house depends on the type of performance and the complexity of the project. The house can be moved into after two to six months from the start of the works. Construction is possible in all seasons.

Adaptability and precision of construction

We can always adapt to your wishes and needs. We do the construction and layout according to your individual instructions.

A pleasant life

Ecologically acceptable material is installed in prefabricated houses, and non-flammable insulating materials are used, which ensure good safety against fire, and maintain good thermal insulation.

No additional costs

The works are carried out according to pre-arranged procedures, according to certain details, and the price is known in advance when the contract is signed and does not change during construction.

Care for the environment

As the preparation of the structure is carried out in the production halls, less waste material remains on the construction site.

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