About us

Nika-Aluminium d.o.o. is a sister company of Nika Konstrukcije created at the beginning of 2023 that deals with the production of modular and prefabricated, and mobile homes made of aluminium construction.

The main advantages of this type of house are quick construction, good thermal insulation and the use of aluminium as the most environmentally friendly material. The prefabricated house is planned in advance, based on project and technical documentation. This form of construction is more efficient and economical – with minimal maintenance costs for the building throught its lifetime.

In our business, the most important thing for us is the interest of our partner. We always strive to meet the needs of customers through product quality, competitive prices, achieving savings and leading to the most efficient use of our products.

We currently cover two main categories of construction:

  1. Prefabricated houses
  2. Modular – mobile homes

Number and structure of employees – the company currently has 2 employees

Equipment and location of the business premises – production, warehouses and offices are located in their own business premises in Petrijanec

Our expert team always works with love for quality and innovation. We use every moment for our own company growth and we are always ready to adapt to changes in order to always be one step ahead.

We are always open to new opportunities for growth and innovation – our greatest success is satisfied clients and long-term partnerships.

Nika Construction – Your partner for the future!

Part of our assortment

Prefabricated houses

The advantages of prefabricated houses made of aluminum construction are the corrosion resistance of aluminum, fast construction, good thermal insulation and aluminum as the most acceptable material.

Modular – mobile homes

Modular mobile homes are made of the same material as prefabricated homes. The most commonly used material is aluminum, the construction of the house itself is made of it.