Exhibition program - rent and sale

system "OKTA"

Sajamska oprema Sajamska oprema Sajamska oprema


From 1995. to 2015. years we equipped over 50,000 m2 exhibition space inside country and abroad as follows:

  • continuously in all the exhibitions of the Zagreb Fair,
  • fairs in Varazdin, Crafts Fair, International Hunting and Fishing Fair, Fair diabetics, Wine Fair, International Fair of Agriculture in Nedelisce,
  • wine fair of Varazdin County
  • wine fair "Urbanovo" - Štrigova
  • fairs in organisation of Mesap d.o.o. Nedelišće - Libar, Obrtništvo, Jesen
  • International Fair of telecommunications on the ship "Marco Polo" in Split,
  • Craftman's Fair in Križevci
  • International Fair "SASSO" - Split
  • Fair fruit in Donji Kraljevac,
  • fairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina / Tuzla, Bihać, Gradačac /,
  • HOK stands in Zagreb and abroad / Munich, Celje, Graz /,

All fair events we do fully / projecting. and performing work /.